A Thought

I'm shattered!! 
I've just got back from a session at the gym. The Orthopaedic specialist told me it was important to get more muscle and core strength to help my back problem. At the gym I see lots of di
erent types of people: those who are muscle bound and love to 'pump weights' those who are stick insects and enjoy the 'CV' workout. Those who are there for a nice chat while they burn of a few 'non-existent' extra ounces and those who like me are there for medical reasons. Now, if you see me in the gym and I don't speak to you; please don't think I'm being rude - in the gym I have enough trouble breathing. I'm not able to strike up a conversation!! 
Part of gym work is 'reps' and 'sets'  but also important (and here's the vital bit) is 'rest'. Doing nothing. Sitting or lying still. In that time of nothingness ones body is getting fit. Doing nothing is an important part of our Christian Tradition. To put it plainly; we can't deserve or earn God's love or forgiveness etc. It's totally out of our reach. That's why Jesus came to o
er each of us totally, freely and without earning it His love, grace, forgiveness and peace. But to receive these gifts we have to spend time doing nothing. Like in many jobs you cannot rush certain things - painting a house takes time—one coat has to dry before we put on another. Going to the gym reminded me of this important practice of 'wasting time' (that's how the world sees it) with God, or with friends or family. Simply being together helps build healthy relationships.  
So as we the summer holiday or any holiday may we enjoy doing nothing together. May we see in our time together a precious gift, not to be wasted in this busy and frantic world we live in. May we value each others time and respect that all people need to take time out to be with their loved ones. So let us all start practising between the busy times in our day - to value those quiet times, those times of simply being. The rhythm of the day just like the rhythm of the seasons is so important for us to observe and learn from. Then when we learn the importance of rest, work and activity our lives will be so much more harmonious. Then we will be much more productive at work or school or in our parish family and we'll have much more healthy relationships with other people and with God. For God loves us, values us and wants us to be wholesome and happy living our lives to their fullest all for His glory. 
God Bless you all.
Kind Regards.
Revd. Stephen Mon


With Kind Regards and every prayer.


Rev'd Stephen Monk


(Rector Darley Dale, South Darley & Winster.)